Address Book transfer using Bluetooth

BlackBerry devices running device software version 4.1 or later can transfer the Address Book to all Audi cars and 2006 BMWs. To configure which address book entries are transferred to the car kit

Complete the following steps:

1. In the device options, click Bluetooth. If you cannot find the Bluetooth option.

2. Click the trackwheel and click Options.

3. In the Address Book Transfer field, click the trackwheel and click Change Option.

4. Click one of the following options:
* Disabled - disable the feature
* All Entries - transfer all address book entries
* Hotlist Only - transfer only the entries that you have had contact with recently over the phone

5. Click the trackwheel and click Save.

2 Responses to “Address Book transfer using Bluetooth”

  1. 1 Kevin Hudson

    I have a Lexus GX470. I upgraded to 4.1 and now have the options you laid out, but my car phonebook is not recognizing the transfer. I initiate it from the car but nothing happens. Any ideas?

  2. 2 Bill Carper

    I have a 7130e Blackberry that cant transfer the phonebook to my bluetooth Pioneer AVIC-S1 Nav. system or my Parrot Easydrive. Will upgrading to the 4.1 enable me to transfer from the 7130e or outlook overcoming the fact that the 7130e does not have the push profile(OPP)? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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