Missing Service Books, How to get them back

Service Book
Sometimes service books go missing, you will know when your Blackberry can’t connect to the network anymore, can’t view attachments or your missing your browser. It’s a fairly easy fix, you can call your service provider and wait 30 minutes on the line for them to resend your service books or you can do it yourself through the Blackberry Internet Service website.

To send a service book from the BlackBerry Internet Service web site

1. Log in to the BlackBerry account.

2. From the top menu, select Profile.

3. Click Send Service Book or Send Internet Browsing Service Book, depending on which service book you require.

5 Responses to “Missing Service Books, How to get them back”

  1. 1 Jeffrey Bacon

    or, you can go:

    Options > Host Routing Table

    Then select ‘Register Now’ from the wheel menu.

    OR, if you’re on a BES:

    1. On the handheld Home screen, click Options and select Security.
    2. Scroll down to the Services section.
    3. Click the trackwheel and select Regenerate Encryption Key. When the encryption key is regenerated, any missing Desktop Service Books will be sent to the Service Book database.

  2. 2 Vinny

    BWC doesn’t exist on T-Mobile anymore. For T-Mobile customers:

    1. You can do this through the My T-Mobile portal.

    2. You can do it directly from the handheld in the E-Mail Settings icon on the home screen.

  3. 3 Nextel Tech Support Rep Kevin

    Actually, if you’re on Nextel at least, if you call your tech support reps for the BlackBerry, we can walk you through getting your service books back a LOT quicker than 30 minutes. These instructions above will only work if you’re missing the Webclient service book or the browser service book. The register now instructions above will get you everything except your Webclient service book.

  4. 4 Todd

    if I’ve cancled my data plan but would like to get my missing serivce books,, where could I download them from a website?

  5. 5 PJB


    I can’t get the attachment viewer service book, I’ve tried all of the above methods and still no luck.

    Even called carrier and they were useless.


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