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BMW Canada is First Automaker with BlackBerry Address Book Integration


BMW BlackBerry
BMW is obviously not concerned that BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) is embroiled in a lawsuit with patent squatter NTP that could potentially force the communications giant to pay a stiff royalty or push them out of the U.S. market, because the German brand has just announced it will be the first automaker to offer BlackBerry address book integration, in its cars.

Of course, for the time being BlackBerry integration will only be available in Canada, where the NTP lawsuit would have no jurisdiction. Other markets are expected to follow shortly.

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BlackBerry Top 50 Gadget of Past 50 Years


50 Greatest has ranked the Blackberry #14 of the top gadgets of the past 50 years. They say,

Canadian firm Research in Motion didn’t invent e-mail, wireless data networks, the handheld, or the QWERTY keyboard. But with the little BlackBerry, along with server software that made e-mail appear on it without any effort from the recipient, RIM put it all together in a way that even nontechie executives could appreciate–and thereby opened the eyes of corporate America to the potential of wireless communications. So addictive that some call them CrackBerries, RIM’s ubiquitous e-mail communicators–especially their high-res displays and small yet serviceable thumb keyboards–have forever changed the design aesthetic for personal digital assistants, while their approach to e-mail has become the standard by which all connected handhelds are measured.

The Sony Walkman ranked first if you were wondering, you can read the entire list here …

Our Holiday Wishlist


Oprah Blackberry
RIM has been very good to us this year, bringing us the new BlackBerry 8700 with it’s high powered Intel chip and EDGE broadband download speeds. But like everyone else, we’re not satisfied too easily, here’s our holiday wishlist:

1. A consumer targeted handheld that includes camera, removable storage, and mp3 capabilities.

2. Jim Balsillie’s own My American Express campaign, can’t let Mike have all the fun.

3. USPTO reform.

4. NTP to go away.

5. Readers to keep on reading

Feel free to add your own …

Happy Holidays to everyone!

RIM Updates


BlackBerry Website
RIM has updated the website to new much fresher and cleaner design. The major change you would notice, other than some of the site using flash is that it is now specifically seperated into individual and enterprise consumers. Will this lead to RIM splitting their product line, with a new device that targets directly the individual ‘pro-sumer’. We may actually see a device from RIM that includes a camera, mp3 player, and removable storage capabilities.

RIM 3Q Earnings Up on Subscriber Growth


Research in Motion Ltd., the Waterloo, Ontario-based maker of the Blackberry wireless messaging device, said earnings rose in the third quarter on strong subscriber growth and despite the impact of an ongoing patent dispute. Net income rose to $120.1 million, or 61 cents per share, from $90.4 million, or 46 cents per share. The latest quarter includes items that in the aggregate reduced earnings by 10 cents per share, including a writedown and charge related to the litigation and failed settlement involving RIM and patents held by NTP Inc.

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Caffeine Finder comes out of Beta


Caffeine Finder Splash
Greystripe, a creator of mobile local search applications, has launched Caffeine Finder, a free application for coffee lovers to find their next cup of coffee. Just one click from the BlackBerry handset immediately finds, maps, and lists the coffee shops nearest you, wherever you may be. Visit to register and to download the application directly on to a BlackBerry handset from Research In Motion.

“BlackBerry handsets provide a rich user experience with a robust application development platform that allows Greystripe to develop mobile search applications that are fast, fun and easy to use,” says Andy Choi, CTO of Greystripe. “It was an easy choice to make BlackBerry our first launch platform.”

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