The Reason For Reqwireless Shutdown


Some of you may have noticed that Reqwireless, the maker of a popular mobile browser suddenly pulled their browser and stopped selling it to users last summer. We all assumed it was financial issues that Reqwireless stopped but in actuality, they were secretly bought out by Google. What’s interesting, is that thanks to the purchase of Reqwireless they now have a presence in Waterloo, the home town of RIM. According to The Financial Post, Google is also actively looking to hire software engineers and developers in the city that has become a hotbed for software development and wireless technology.

“We acquired Reqwireless because of the talented engineers and great technology,” Google said yesterday in an e-mail statement to the Financial Post. “We’re thrilled to have them here.” Google declined to provide details about how much it paid for Reqwireless or how many employees it has.

Waterloo is slowly becoming a hotbed of wireless technology, maybe one day they can be called ‘Wireless North’.