Yahoo Launches Services To Bring Content To Cellphones

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Yahoo unveiled a number of new products and services that will bring its content to televisions and cellphones and other mobile devices. The Internet and media company said in a press release Friday it would launch Go TV, which will allow consumers to access content from the Internet or their personal computers on enabled televisions. The service will integrate Internet services, including video search and photos and Yahoo’s music offerings, into a television.

Go TV will also improve consumers’ ability to search for and find content available on television.

Yahoo said it will team with Intel to provide a customized version of Go TV as well as access to other Yahoo content and services on media devices with Intel’s Viiv technology.

Yahoo also said it will launch Go Mobile in the U.S. in partnership with AT&T and Cingular Wireless, and internationally with Nokia.

The Go Mobile Service allows users to access the Internet and Yahoo content and services through their cellphones and other mobile devices. Customers will be able to access the Yahoo Messenger instant messaging service, Yahoo Mail , Yahoo Search, Photos, Address Book and Calendar.

Yahoo will provide a similar service, Yahoo Ready preinstalled applications, on Motorola mobile devices worldwide in coming months. The Yahoo Ready service will allow access to Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Calendar, Address Book.

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