Blackberry Nominated For 3GSM Award

3GSM World Congress is the biggest and most important event in the mobile phone industry. Along with one of the biggest trade show they also have an award show, showcasing the latest and greatest in wireless technology. Last year the event was held in beautiful Cannes, staying with the theme of sun, water, and sand, the organizers this year have chosen Barcelona. Hopefully RIM rents another yacht like it did in Cannes.

This year RIM is nominated for another award, ‘Best Mobile Messaging Service’ a bit of a downgrade in our opinion with RIM being nominated last year for ‘Best Mobile Handset’ for the Blackberry 7100. They lost last year to Samsung’s offering the Samsung SGH-500. This year, RIM is competing against other push-email companies like Seven and Visto. What’s interesting is that both of these companies are also nominated for ‘Best Mobile Enterprise Product or Service’ whereas RIM somehow gets the shaft. If it was up to us, we would of done it the other way, nominating RIM and it’s Blackberry technology for the enterprise category. Our prediction is RIM claims another second prize this year, with Visto taking the award.

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