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Winners of Weekend Contest ‘RIM’s Next Move?’

Congratulations to the winners for our Weekend Contest which asked our readers if they were in charge of RIM what they would do next regarding their legal issues. The responses were split in half between the group that wanted RIM to move on and settle and the other group which hated NTP and wanted RIM to implement their workaround and not give NTP a cent. Some of the comments against NTP were very harsh, Jeff responded,

If I were in charge of RIM, I would expose the fact that NTP is in a corrupt and deceptive business practice and abuses the intent of the US Patent system … NTP is not a competitor to RIM, they are squatting on the technology, just like many people tried to do with internet domain names, which has recently been ruled illegal.

Thanks to all that participated but three could only win this time around, the winners are as follow: Jeff C., Eric F., and C Bae. Please contact us to get your free copy of WGarage: Reverse Lookup.

One Response to “Winners of Weekend Contest ‘RIM’s Next Move?’”

  1. C Bae
    January 30th, 2006 12:58

    What can I do to get my copy of WGarage: Reverse Lookup?
    I enjoy your website a lot, and check it regularly, especially for uptodate news about RIM.
    Thank you,
    Charles Bae

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