Reducing Blackberry Thumb Syndrome


Blackberry Thumb is the repetitive ailment that is caused by overuse of the handheld. It made a whole bunch of headlines a few months ago when the American Society of Hand Therapists warned of the problem along with the other trendy new ailment, the iPod Finger. This is nothing new, Nintendo had the term ‘Nintendonitis’ coined after them in the 80’s which was used to describe the soreness in the thumbs after a few hours of playing.

Now there’s no need to panic and toss out your Blackberry because you’re afraid of the medical bills from having to treat your thumb. We are here to help and provide our own tips to preventing ‘Blackberry Thumb’.

1. Switch to a smaller Blackberry. One of the main reasons for Blackberry Thumb is the over extension of the thumb, especially true in the bulkier devices like the 7520. To prevent this you should consider switching to a smaller device like the 8700.

2. Use shortcuts. Shortcuts not only help you get things done quicker but also reduces the need to scroll like a madman. You can find these shortcuts by referring to your Blackberry manual or searching Blackberry Cool.

3. Don’t answer all emails from your Blackberry. If you can help it, leave the non urgent emails to when you get back to your computer.

4. Use the AutoText feature. If you find yourself typing the same emails all the time, you may want to consider adding it to the AutoText feature. Autotext is a feature on your device that will automatically change common spelling mistakes and also allow for shortcut words. So you can set the text ‘#address’ to display your entire mailing address.

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