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RIM Wins Patent Case … in Germany


Research In Motion provided an update today following a ruling in the Research In Motion UK Limited versus InPro Licensing S.a.r.l. litigation in the Federal Patent Court in Munich, Germany. InPro, a patent holding firm based in Luxembourg, had previously asserted a patent in Germany, alleging infringement with respect to certain Blackberry products. RIM subsequently filed a nullity action in the Nullity Patent Court seeking a declaration that the InPro patent is invalid. The Nullity Patent Court has now ruled in favor of RIM by deciding that all patent claims in InPro’s German-designated European Patent EP 0892947B1 are invalid. InPro retains the right to appeal the decision to the German Federal Supreme Court.

Reducing Blackberry Thumb Syndrome


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Blackberry Thumb is the repetitive ailment that is caused by overuse of the handheld. It made a whole bunch of headlines a few months ago when the American Society of Hand Therapists warned of the problem along with the other trendy new ailment, the iPod Finger. This is nothing new, Nintendo had the term ‘Nintendonitis’ coined after them in the 80’s which was used to describe the soreness in the thumbs after a few hours of playing.

Now there’s no need to panic and toss out your Blackberry because you’re afraid of the medical bills from having to treat your thumb. We are here to help and provide our own tips to preventing ‘Blackberry Thumb’.

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RIM’s Patent Story


It’s the kind of story even a careful newspaper reader might overlook. Tucked at the bottom of an inside page of The Wall Street Journal was a four-paragraph item beneath the innocuous headline: “Pager Maker Gets Patent for E-Mail Delivery.” Canada’s Research In Motion Ltd. was suing U.S. rival Glenayre Electronics Inc. to enforce a newly acquired patent on its BlackBerry wireless device.

“BlackBerry knockoffs will now need a licence from us,” RIM co-chief executive officer James Balsillie warned. “The amateurs out there have to stop.”

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8700g T-Mobile UK Revelead


8700g From T-Mobile UK
As mentioned earlier this week, T-Mobile UK will be the first carrier to make available the 8700g. The g letter has been used in the past for the 7100 to distinguish itself the ‘general’ or the ‘generic’ model.

Weekend Contest ‘RIM’s Next Move?’


WGarage: Reverse Lookup
This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘RIM’s Next Move?’. The big news event this week was The Supreme Court’s rejection to hear RIM’s appeal thus forcing District Judge Spencer to set a date next month to consider a possible injunction of Blackberry service in the United States. It seems that RIM has its back to wall legally, but they do still have a few more ‘outs’. They could settle with NTP for a large amount and settle all this legal nonsense or they can use the 30-day grace period to deploy their ‘workaround’. Or we could be tossed a curve ball and RIM some how convinces Judge Spencer to not imposed an injunction. For this Weekend Contest, we’re asking what you would do if you were in charge of RIM.

This week’s prize is three copies of WGarage: Reverse Lookup, a program that allows you to easily do a reverse lookup right from your Blackberry on any phone number to find a person or business’ name and street address. To find more about the program, please visit

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Rooster Exposed


Rooster Blackberry Game
We all have a fondness for old 80’s classic games, this includes the classic game of Frogger. The object was simple, the player controlled a frog and had to navigate it to the top of the screen all along avoiding getting runned over and drowning. A lot of these simple games port well to the Blackberry, so we were very excited when RIM released ‘Rooster’ a frogger clone. Best of all Rooster was initially developed by Plazmic a RIM company for the purpose of pushing the boundaries of the latest RIM platform. Needless to say, Rooster is one of the nicest games we’ve played on the Blackberry. You can read more about the development of Rooster in January’s Blackberry Development Journal.

To download, point your Blackberry to:

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