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RIM Says BlackBerry Work-Around Is Ready If Needed


While the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected Research In Motion Ltd.’s request to hear its case, the BlackBerry maker says it has a technology work-around ready to go in the event a U.S. District Court imposes an injunction. RIM says it would pre-load a software work-around on new BlackBerry devices that avoids any alleged patent infringements before they’re shipped to customers. “Work-arounds are a legitimate strategy respected by the courts, so RIM would be fully entitled to alter its software with a non-infringing work-around and continue shipping,” said Mark Guibert, RIM’s VP of corporate marketing, in a prepared statement.

RIM believes that existing customers should be entitled to continuing the BlackBerry service and that any injunction, if granted, should only apply to new devices being sold. “To be clear, RIM doesn’t believe an injunction is appropriate,” Guibert said.

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Dialog Telekom Launches BlackBerry in Sri Lanka


Research In Motion and Dialog Telekom, Sri Lanka’s largest mobile telecommunications operator, today announced the launch of the world-renowned BlackBerry wireless platform in Sri Lanka. Dialog Telekom is now offering BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the BlackBerry 7100g and the BlackBerry 7290 to mobile professionals in Sri Lanka for the first time.

With BlackBerry, Dialog Telekom’s corporate customers will be able to easily access email, phone, text messaging, Internet, organizer and corporate data applications from a single, integrated device.

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Cingular Patenting the Emoticon :(


Cingular Wireless has managed to get a patent on the concept of using emoticon on mobile phones. While the aim of the patent is to enable the displaying of MSN style graphics on handsets, they also managed to patent the delivery of text based emoticon – so presumably sending :) via an SMS – if selected via a dedicated or softkey, would be a breach of the patent in future.

The method and system described in the patent allows a user of a mobile phone (or other device) to select a displayable icon, such as an emoticon, that indicates the mood or emotion of the user or conveys other information independent of text. In some embodiments, the selected displayable icon is inserted into a text message or screen, such as an instant message, chat screen, or user text field.

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T-Mobile USA Announces Record Customer Growth for 2005


T-Mobile USA, Inc. has announced a record fourth quarter and full year 2005 customer results. The company is the U.S. operation of T-Mobile International AG & Co. KG, the mobile communications subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. In the fourth quarter of 2005, T-Mobile USA added 1.39 million net new customers compared to 1.06 million in the third quarter of 2005 and 1.02 million in the fourth quarter of 2004. Net new postpay customer additions amounted to 911,000 in the fourth quarter of 2005, compared to 716,000 in the third quarter of 2005 and 812,000 in the fourth quarter of 2004.

Postpay churn was 2.3% in the fourth quarter of 2005, down from 2.6% in the fourth quarter of 2004 and 2.4% in the third quarter of 2005. Prepaid churn was 6.6% in the fourth quarter of 2005, which was the same as the third quarter of 2005 and the fourth quarter of 2004. Blended churn, including both postpay and prepay customers, was 2.9% in the fourth quarter of 2005, same as in the third quarter of 2005 and down from 3.1% in the fourth quarter of 2004.

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Judge sets BlackBerry case hearing date


A federal judge on Wednesday set a Feb. 24 hearing date to consider a possible injunction on BlackBerry wireless e-mail service. On Monday, the Supreme Court decided not to intervene in the patent-infringement case being heard by U.S. District Judge James R. Spencer. An injunction could block BlackBerry e-mail use among many of the estimated 3 million device owners in the United States.

Many analysts believe there’s little chance of a U.S. BlackBerry blackout because the device’s Canadian creator, Research In Motion Ltd., will settle the case with patent holder NTP Inc. or introduce a software solution to work around the patents. If Spencer orders a shutdown, he is likely to give users 30 days or more to switch to devices offered by competitors. NTP, based in Arlington, has said government and emergency workers would be exempt from the injunction.

Global Mobile Phone Shipments Hit 810 Million In 05


Global mobile phone shipments continued to grow at a rapid rate during 2005, according to research compiled by Strategy Analytics, a research company. In a report published Thursday, Strategy Analytics said 810 million mobile phones were shipped globally in 2005, a 19% improvement on a year earlier. In the fourth quarter of 2005, a total of 245 million mobile phones were shipped.

Neil Mawston, an analyst with Strategy Analytics, said; “2005 was the year of the emerging market. Booming demand in the Southern hemisphere, in regions such as India and Africa, drove global mobile phone sales 19% higher year-on-year.” He said emerging markets accounted for one half of total worldwide sales over the year.

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