Transferring Address Book

A new feature was added in the newer devices that allows you to easily transfer your Address Book via Bluetooth device. This could be used if you were switching devices or if you wanted to share your address book with a new colleague. To allow address book sharing you need to do the following:

1. Options -> Bluetooth, if you Bluetooth is not enabled then you will need to enable it.

2. In the Address Book Transfer field, select All or Hotlist only. Hotlist only setting will transfer solely the contacts that you have talked to recently over the phone.

3. Pair your device.

6 Responses to “Transferring Address Book”

  1. 1 Morgan Glines

    What models does this apply to and where would I find the “Address Book Transfer Field”? I have a 7290, can make the pairing with another device, but don’t see any option in “Options” nor in the address book to transfer via Bluetooth. Is it somehow specific to the phone feature only?


  2. 2 Ian Dean

    BlackBerry 7100 does not seem to pair with any other Bluetooth device, except earpiece!

    Cannot imagine why RIM have not enabled the same Bluetooth facility as in any mobile phone.

    Any help appreciated


  3. 3 Rob

    In order to have the additional Bluetooth options, you need to:

    -Install OS 4.1 (see the site for more info on where to get this if your provider doesn’t already have it)

    -If you have a BES install SP3 and enable the options in the IT policy.

  4. 4 Ed Kahle

    I have a Blackberry 7100T and just purchased a Lexus RX400h with bluetooth. THe phone pairs with the car easily and it works great. The only thing I have not figured out yet is how to transfer the phonebook. I could not find a selection on the phone that would allow sections of the book or the whole book to be sent to the car

  5. 5 Will

    My wife and I just purchased 2 8700c and we both have Mac OSX with bluetooth. I have tried like mad to send contacts from Mac to BB, pairs but doesn’t allow sending. I also tried pairing heres and my BB’s and share contacts, NO GO!!!!!

    Can someone please help me.

    Also interested in using BB as a modem for laptop on the road, any suggestions there????

    THANKS A LOT, Will

  6. 6 satender

    Please help me for the following query.
    I have table displayed in website with a link add in the website.
    We access this website in blackberry mobile.
    name phone email link
    ABC 12345 add

    on the click of add we want to store this particular records in blackberry address book.

    Please help how can we do this.

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