Blackberry Workaround Details “Revealed”


We got an email from a fellow going by the name of “Enterprise Spy”. The reason why he was using an alias was pretty obvious, he claimed to have details of the so called RIM workaround that they have been touting they would deploy if their service was shutdown. From the writing, it doesn’t seem like Enterprise Spy works for RIM but our guess is that he’s most likely a Blackberry administrator for an important RIM client which was worried about the shutdown.

Enterprise Spy reveals that RIM is working on two different versions of a workaround. One is indistinguishable from the current service (The StealthBerry) and the other is far more interesting and introduces more features (dubbed “The Blackcherry or The StrawBerry”) that will be integrated into future models if a settlement is not reached with NTP.

He further mentions that the workaround does not need to be installed on the handheld, that all of the work is done at the NOC in Waterloo.

Obviously we can not verify the validity of the information but he does sound convincing.

Click here to read more about the workaround in detail …