US Government Playing Favorites in Blackberry case?


Capitol Hill Gang With Blackberrys
We posted this picture before of the Capitol Hill gang typing away on their Blackberrys, but we wanted to revisited after the news that the U.S. Department of Justice reiterated its opposition to a possible BlackBerry ban. The US federal government also requested that it be heard at any hearing on injunctive relief. That’s some powerful people behind RIM’s case and for this very reason we can’t see a Blackberry injunction. NTP has been trying to calm the government by allowing all government and emergency users an exemption to the injunction. However RIM shot back saying that it would be impossible to selectively allow some users while shutting down others.

Now the Department of Justice are jumping in again saying they want a specific implementation plan that details exactly how BlackBerry service for authorized users will continue should a ban be implemented. The plan should include a description of the steps that each interested entity – such as wireless carriers, federal, state and local governments, government contractors and certified first responders – must take, as well as information that must be provided, the filing said. It also must address any issues that might be apparent in securing that information, and the government and RIM should then be permitted to comment on the specifics of the plan, the filing said.

This is a lot to ask for, especially seeing how they only have 3 weeks before Judge Spencer gives his decision. Makes you wonder if the government is just setting up NTP to fail, because they know the timeline is almost impossible to meet.