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You can insert a wait or pause to separate additional digits (for example, a password or extension) from the main phone number. When you dial a phone number that contains a pause, the device pauses for two seconds before it dials the remaining numbers. When dialing a phone number that contains a wait, the device displays a Dial Extension screen prompting you to either dial the remaining numbers, skip the remaining numbers, or end the call. This tip is useful for dialing your voicemail where you have to call and then enter your passcode. The above picture shows that we modified the voicemail number to enter our passcode 6169.

To include a pause or wait in a phone number in the Phone application

1. On the device Home screen, click Phone.

2. With your cursor in the empty field at the top of the screen, type the first portion of the phone number.

3. To insert a pause in the phone number, press N. For the BlackBerry 7100 Series devices, press L.

4. To insert a wait in the phone number, press B. For the BlackBerry 7100 Series devices, press W.

5. Type the remainder of the phone number.

6. Press the Enter key.

  • max
    i want to dail 1 number and then get it to wait and to request me to put in another number.
    on my old nokia phone i had put a w after the number and then it popeed up to sent the dtms and i then scrolled through contacts.
    can it be done on a blackberry
  • Casper42
    Thanks for the tips.

    BB8820 on AT&T here and the x trick worked fine.
    I put PHONENUMBERxCONFCODE# and it merged it all into 1 dialing string.
    The only downside to this is you can only have 1 pause and 1 follow up extension. Contact #s allow MUCH more flexibility.

    In the Smart Dialer, it seems you have to use the Menu button to get Pause and Wait added. I can find NO hoteys to do the same.

    In the Contact EDIT screen, if you go to a numeric only field like Phone Numbers and then press ,(N) or !(B) you get a pause and a wait respectively. You do NOT need to press ALT since it goes into numeric only mode as previously mentioned.
    In here you can also get crazy with the commands. I have one that dials me into our IT Change Control call every morning and it looks kinda like this in Outlook:
    , = 2 second pause
    ,, = 5 second pause
    Phone Number
    5 second pause
    "1" to join a conference call
    2 second pause
    conference code (242643 = C H A N G E on phone keypad) followed by #
    2 second pause
    1 to confirm conf code # is correct
    5 second pause
    # (to skip prompt for my name and start recording)
    2 second pause for me to speak my name
    and then # again to finish recording my name.

    I have the same Dialing sequence tied into the Voice Dialer in my Acura TL's bluetooth system for days when I am running late and still in the car dialing in. If by chance you have a newish Acura, you just say "pause" when entering the phone number into the phonebook.
  • DLW
    To NewBBuser1302:

    When you are using the phone, your BB's keyboard is automatically in numeric mode (numkey is on).

    Just press the 'Q' key and your # should be entered (no need to press alt)
  • NewBBuser1302
    I am new to BB and i really like it.
    I have the curve.
    My issue is, how to use the # when promoted?
    i.e. i am dialing a confrence # 1800-000-0000.
    "please enter your confrence id followed by #"
    so i enter the code 1234321 alt# but it doesnt undertsand it. What am i doing wrong?
    Thank you.
  • spioter
    Blackberry Curve 8330

    Use comma (,) for pause and exclamation point (!) for wait.

    That's how my pause / waits got uploaded into outlook so hopefully they would be downloaded that way also.
  • Jim Burnett
    Thanks for the simple directions.
    FYI the N and the B do pause and wait,respectively on a 8320 Curve.
    I never thought about using the menu key to insert a pause. Oh well live and learn!
    Thanks again.
  • Charlie
    This doesn't work on my Pearl. It just dials the part up to the X. If I select the entire sequence and copy it into the phone app, then it works. Much more painful, but not as painful as switching back and forth.
  • Roland
    To Jay... If you create the appt with the phone number, followed by the letter x and then the conference number passcode, then the # sign, it should work. When you dial, it will pop up a window prompting you to enter the "extension" when you ready. Hit enter or confirm the selection to go.

    Example: 800-555-5555 x55555#

    I usually put this in the Outlook Appt field for "location" so it's easy for the attendees to find.
  • patrick
    Got a Curve and x55555# works great - Thanks
  • Hal
    I want to use smart dialing so it calls my office and then dials an extension. The only issue is I have to press one after the option, is there a way to put a pause in the smart dialing screen? The w/W and L/l and , don't work.
  • Jay Johnston
    Hi, have a good challenge for you. I have my second blackberry now (8700g), and am hoping things in dialing have improved. I am on 3-9 telecons a day, dialing into 800 numbers with 5-9 digit passwords. They come in through my email or on my calendar.

    Is there a way to create them in, say in outlook, so when I see them on my blackberry, I put my cursor on them to dial the # and pw? I can do it if I create on my blackberry in my address file for repeats (L and P encoding), but it would be great to send out through our corporate email and calendaring system "Blackberry friendly" telecon notices.

    thanks, Jay
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