3GSM World Congress Kicks Off Today


3GSM 2006Executives from the mobile phone industry will converge on Barcelona, Spain this week for the annual 3GSM World Congress, a cell phone trade show, where carriers and handset makers show their wares and exhibit their technology for the year to come.

This year, the conference will be dedicated largely to the industry’s long-promised enhanced data services, such as mobile web surfing, music downloads, and mobile gaming. We’ve heard a lot about these types of services in the past few years, but its only now that technology is sufficient for them to become truly mainstream.

The question dominating the minds of most cell phone companies this year, of course, is how to appeal to customers, and make them buy these advanced new services. With revenues from basic voice service declining, companies will rely on these additional services more and more for the bulk of their profits.

There is also the ongoing quest for “the next big thing,” a major technology or trend that could shape the industry for years to come. Although no one knows exactly what this could be, companies need to be astute and perceptive in assessing customer needs and demands if they hope to catch such a wave, and ride it to its full potential.

“The next big thing is what the technology industry and the mobile industry has always chased after and not looked at what the customer actually wants,” warns SpinVox co-founder, Christina Domecq, about the tendency to jump the gun and try to work with trends that simply don’t exist.

As with any industry, recognizing and capitalizing upon customer demand will make the difference between success and failure for all companies involved in the mobile communication business. And many of these companies will use 3GSM as an opportunity to do just that.