Analysts question BlackBerry Patent Workaround


RIM’s patent workaround unveiled last week is not the silver bullet that the BlackBerry maker claims it to be, analyst firm Current Analysis has warned.

“The workaround could accomplish nothing if Judge Spenser demands that the BlackBerry service be shut off, even if RIM implements this workaround smoothly, ” wrote analysts Avi Greengart and Kathryn Weldon.

“And NTP may sue, claiming that the workaround does, in fact, violate NTP’s patents. At that point, the judge could demand that the workaround be terminated as well.”

The Current Analysis report praised RIM for soothing concerns with users about a possible interruption to its service. The software could also allow the company to focus more on its business without being distracted by the lawsuit. RIM unveiled a workaround last week which it claimed would provide its wireless email devices with technology that steers clear of a patent at the centre of a prolonged lawsuit.

The workaround is delivered as an update to the device’s operating system and equips it with a special “US mode”. If the judge grants an injunction against RIM, the vendor could guarantee its service by remotely flipping over all BlackBerry devices in the US.

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