Solicitors Switches Away From Blackberry


Chalk one up for Good, today they have announced that one of the UK’s leading firms of solicitors, is replacing its Blackberry devices with the it’s GoodLink push email platform. Darbys is a full-service solicitors firm. The firm has over 150 staff and is regularly involved in high-profile work, recently winning a landmark case at the European Court of Human Rights. The firm decided to standardize on HP Pocket PC devices, and, after an in-depth evaluation, selected GoodLink as its mobile email software and service of choice.

Another key factor in the firm’s switch to GoodLink, according to Mike Warriner, Head of IT at Darbys, was security: “Because we handle extremely sensitive client information, security is absolutely paramount to everything we do, and GoodLink, with its NOC-based architecture, AES encryption, and robust password and security policy controls, has comprehensive security from the network perimeter through to the handheld.” Warriner also commented that, “With BlackBerry, the server administration overhead was very high. Alternatively, GoodLink installation was simple and unobtrusive; an engineer came on site for a simple install, and we haven’t needed to touch it since.”

Warriner also highlighted instances where working practices and customer service have improved since the firm’s switch to GoodLink: “In a recent meeting at our client’s premises we needed to edit a document. Previously, we would have had to leave the client site and type up the changes, but with GoodLink, we were able to implement the edits immediately and email the document across to the client, all while sitting directly across from him. The client was able to put the document up on the projector straight away. Responsiveness like that makes our client look fantastic.”

The solicitors firm also plans to use Good Technology’s corporate data access product GoodAccess in the near future to access other mission-critical data whilst on the move.