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Ask Us! Storing Phone Numbers to SIM Card

Copy To SIM
Chad asked us,

I have the blackberry 7105 and I need to save my numbers in my phone book to my sim card. How do i do that?

We’re guessing Chad uses another cellphone thus to make for an easy transition he needs to store his phone book on his SIM card. So instead of re-entering all the phone numbers again he can just import them from the SIM card. There is a solution built-in to the Blackberry OS to do exactly what Chad needs to do.

To copy a phone number from the address book to the SIM Phone Book on your handheld

1. On the handheld Home screen, click the Address Book icon.

2. Select the contact containing the phone number you wish to copy.

3. Click the trackwheel and select View.

4. Select the phone number, click the trackwheel, then select Copy to SIM Phone Book.

5. Click the trackwheel and select Save.

2 Responses to “Ask Us! Storing Phone Numbers to SIM Card”

  1. Jane
    February 19th, 2006 08:38

    Is it possible to copy the entire Blackberry address book to the SIM card address book in order to overwrite the SIM card address book with the Blackberry address book…rather than one entry at the time?

  2. Tim Keeley
    February 27th, 2006 06:20

    I am having trouble copying numbers to the SIM card. When I select a number as instructed above, and choose copy to SIM card - it says there is not enough room on SIM card.
    (But my SIM card is empty!)


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