Good Focuses on Security to compete with RIM

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Mobile e-mail company Good Technology has launched a handheld security product that is intended to give IT managers control over Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.

“As the world moves from wireless messaging to wireless computing, users will get the same control on mobile device as on the laptop. Good Mobile Defense lets you control handhelds, and push out a company policy over the air for different kinds of devices,” said Richard Hudson, vice president of Good Technology for EMEA.

The software will control applications and lock down SD cards, Bluetooth, any cameras and the browser. “You can increase password management on the device,” said Hudson, pointing out that if the device falls into the wrong hands, it can be shut down completely.

“You’ve always been able to remotely kill Goodlink,” he said. “Now you can manage the whole device. Combined with our compliance manager, it enables you to create a standard build for these devices. You can ensure compliance, and push policy out over the air, so they are fully locked down in the widest sense.”

The Palm version of the software is shipping now, with Windows and Symbian versions to follow shortly. Although RIM has been able to offer tight control of its Blackberry handhelds for some time, Good will be able to do more, said Hudson: “If you’ve got a proprietary solution, then you can always control everything. We are enabling industry standard applications to be controlled across all devices. We could always control e-mail, which is what Blackberry does.”

Unusually for Good, Mobile Defense will be sold as a standalone product, as well as an adjunct to the mobile messaging product. It will therefore go into competition with established mobile security products such as PointSec, but Hudson is happy with that:

“There are a number of point solutions out there, but they don’t do push over the air [as GoodLink does] and have a compliance manager, all combined into one solution.”

Mobile Defense has been developed by Good, from technology it acquired with JP Mobile last year. The software also manages encryption of communications with the device, and also encryption of data storied within it, in memory or SD card form.

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    I installed mobile defense in my G1, it's good and I introduced it on my blog.

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