Preparing For Possible Shutdown


Tomorrow is likely the day Judge Spencer gives his ruling on whether or not the Blackberry gets shutdown in the US. We say ‘likely’ because the drama between RIM and NTP, nothing has been certain. Negotiations between RIM and NTP are in the 11th hour but we’re not even sure if that matters. RIM has come out saying that they are still open to a ‘reasonable settlement’ but there has been no news about whether or RIM and NTP are still actively in negotiations.

This brings us to a ruling by Judge Spencer, which is the most likely scenario and we’re guessing that he’ll grant an injunction by the way he’s handling the case; not taking into account the latest USPTO rejection rulings of the NTP patents or not buckling under the pressure from the federal government.

So in an effort to be safe rather than sorry, we have prepared a list of what you should do if there is a shutdown of Blackberry service.

1. Don’t panic.

NTP has gone on record stating that would give 30 days before imposing any injunction. This is plenty of time to install the workaround and have RIM workout any kinks when they deploy it on a large scale.

2. Keep updated on latest events.

Things can change quickly like RIM and NTP will actually settle this time. If they settle then there’s no reason for Blackberry users to update their handhelds.

The official RIM workaround website is below:

3. Don’t toss your Blackberry away.

There will be no need for Blackberry users to throw their devices in the garbage in exchange for a Treo running Good or a Windows Mobile phone. Remember these guys have their own patent issues with Visto and next year you may be in this situation once again.

4. Learn how to update your handheld.

A software update is needed for devices to get the workaround working, so users will need to learn how to update their handhelds. RIM will most likely make it easier by using a browser base install so you will not need to go through Desktop Manager, like when Blackberry Messenger was first released. If this is the case, users should still have Desktop Manager installed so they can make a backup of their device.