NTP Tries to “set the record straight”


In their latest press release NTP tries to “set the record straight” regarding RIM’s carriers and customers.

NTP said, “RIM’s public assertions that NTP has not proposed a license that protects its carriers is both disingenuous and intentionally misleading. It’s time to set the record straight: NTP has offered and continues to offer RIM a license that fully protects everyone — RIM’s customers, carriers, and partners. Our position on this issue is unambiguous and steadfast. It is mystifying to us how anyone could state otherwise. As such, NTP remains open to hearing any specific issues RIM has with our proposed agreements.”

This new tactic by NTP is pretty clever, the old divide-and-conquer routine. We see this as a move by NTP to get carriers to pressure RIM into settling, thus maybe causing some friction between RIM and its crucial carrier relantionships – but we doubt that will happen.