Initiate a Conference Call

Making conference calls on the Blackberry is very simple. You can initiate a conference call on the BlackBerry device by doing the following:

1. On the Home screen, click Phone.

2. Click the trackwheel and select New Call.

3. Highlight a contact, click the trackwheel, and select Call.

4. While the first contact is highlighted, click the trackwheel and select Hold.

5. Click the trackwheel and select New Call.

6. Select the second recipient, click the trackwheel, and select Call.

7. After you are connected to the second call, click the trackwheel and select Join. The Phone screen shows that you are on a conference call with the two recipients.

8. To add additional recipients to the conference, repeat steps 4 to 7.

14 Responses to “Initiate a Conference Call”

  1. 1 Markus

    I get the error message ‘operation failed’ :(

  2. 2 Pramod

    i got the same error message “operation failed”

  3. 3 Francis

    I also get the message “operation failed”. Any idea how to fix the problem?

  4. 4 Phil

    You presumably need conference calling enabled by your service provider?

  5. 5 DeBusk

    Try this sequence of actions for the BlackBerry 8300 series…

    1. Place a call to party number one as you normally would.
    2. Go to your BlackBerry menu and choose “Conference Call”
    3. Choose the contact you wish to conference in.
    4. Click the Phone button (green “call” button) to call the second party.
    5. Once the second call is connected, press the Phone button again to connect all parties on one line. (NOTE: Party number one will not be able to hear anything until the Phone button is pressed.)
    6. Your three-way conference call should now be connected.

  6. 6 Carrie Green

    You can use EZ3Way for 3 way calls… download it from or even better

    Use Starping Instant Mobile Conferencing to get up to 10 people with a single call.

    Download it from your BB browser at:

  7. 7 TBW

    This is great, thank you!

  8. 8 Ari

    you can use a utility called “Paste DTMF” when calling a conference bridge with your blackberry so that you do not need to remember the pass code after you dial the bridge

    you can just google it

  9. 9 TelecomGuru

    Alternatively you can just use 2Buzz see .

    It’s quick and easy on demand and on-the-fly conferencing.

    You can set up audio conferences directly from an email or the address book.


  10. 10 Daniel Meridew

    Some networks dont allow conferencing through BB - they have an external service setup for example 02 use BT (UK Only).

    Register at

    Here is instructions I did for employes after they completed registration process:



    Everyone wishing to join the conference call needs to dial 07720322322.

    They will then be asked to dial the mobile number of the person whose conference call they are joining.

    They will then be asked to record their name.

    They will then be put on hold, and not connected until you join the call yourself.

    This can happen for up to 40 people (including yourself).

    To start the conference yourself dial 322 from your mobile.

    It will ask you to enter your secure entry code (********)
    It will then ask you to record your name.

    You will then be connected to everyone else on the conference call.


    Hope this helps someone

  11. 11 Richard Harris

    Dan, Thanks for your post.

    But the O2 service cost a massive 15 pence per minute.

    2Buzz is just 6.4p per minute as standard.

    There are much better and more cost-effective services in the market today! In the current economic climate, quality for a reasonable price is important!

  12. 12 Daniel Meridew


    Thats definitely alot cheaper although as we are with 02 we don’t pay the £10 per month for the service as you would with buzz. I could probably see our staff using the BB teleconferencing maybe once a quarter so for now I’ll stick with 02 until the cost is justified.



  13. 13 Richard Harris

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Obviously the out of the box, public solution, does not suit your current usage.

    We’ve found many stories such as yours initially. What is noticeable is that once you start using 2Buzz you use it more. The time saved and the increased productivity vastly outweighs the cost saving. Three clicks from the arrival of an important email and you can be talking. 2Buzz handles all notifications automatically including SMS (patented) as not everyone is always on email. Otherwise you have to communicate the number, date and time manually - plus any changes.

    That said cost savings are important to some companies and 2Buzz is included free with some 2Talk packages from Mobix ( The cost per minute depends on usage but starts at just 2.5 pence per minute and there are unlimited usage options from £19.99 per month.

    We’ve had companies save 90% on communications costs alone. If you were spending £100k a year: that’s significant. Some IT directors appreciate having that back in their budgets!

    But I accept that your usage is too light to gain significantly from the cost saving. I don’t know if your communication is mission critical for you or not with regard to productivity benefits.

    The out of the box solutions are available from Viking Direct, bespoke requirements can be discussed by calling 0800 0591 500 or +44 207 047 4000.


  14. 14 TelecomGuru

    2buzz have a new website and new release - looks slick…

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