Idokorro Mobile Desktop Reviewed


When using Mobile Desktop for the first time you realize it’s a lot like Google Local for the Blackberry. Instead of downloading one huge image, images are broken up into tiles and downloaded individually. A feature that is only included in the 8700 version is the ability to zoom in and out. This is a very useful feature because it cuts down on scrolling so we’re not too sure why they didn’t include this for the other models.

Using the mouse is easy aswell, you can move the cursor with the scroll wheel and use ‘Q’, ‘W’, and ‘E’ for left, right, and double click. Editing and typing is a bit more difficult because that’s when the heavy lag of typical wireless applications shows. Typing a few words is fine but there’s no way you want to do any heavy typing or document revision through Mobile Desktop.

Overall the program runs nicely on the Blackberry 8700 but it changes when you use another device that doesn’t have high speed bandwidth. Even Idokorro mentions on their website that for the best performance to use a Blackberry 8700. Although the program runs on other models, it really is a chore to use it seeing how it takes longer to download the images and not having the ability to zoom compounds this problem. When you can’t zoom in and out you’re going to be scrolling more which means you’re going to be downloading more images which means you’re going to spend more time waiting. Idokorro does help by allowing you to optimize how many colors are displayed, which makes the images smaller and faster to download but it still won’t compare to using EDGE or EV-DO.

Even it runs a bit slow on non-8700 models doesn’t mean you won’t find Mobile Desktop useful, check out the download and see how much patience you have before buying the program. To the lucky ones that have are using a 8700 we definitely recommend checking out Mobile Desktop. Idokorro Mobile Desktop retails for $45, and gets cheaper when you buy in bulk.

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