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Ask Us! Ridding ‘Enterprise Activation’

Rob asked us the following question,

I have just bought a Blackberry 7100x on the O2 network and on the front screen it’s showing “Enterprise Activation”. I am not intending to use this device on an enterprise server and have signed up to O2’s Internet e-mail service at for the Blackberry.

Do you know how I get rid of this “Enterprise Activation” so I can get the browser on the front screen?

By default the Enterprise Activation screen is always the first icon or menu item for each Blackberry. Anyone that is not connected to a company’s or 3rd party Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) will never need to use this application. So to get rid of it is just a matter of hiding the icon.

To get rid of the icon or menu item, do the following:

1. Highlight ‘Enterprise Activation’

2. Hold down Alt+Wheel-click and select ‘Hide Icon’. You can do this for any other icon.

3. To reveal the hidden icons, just hold down alt+wheel-click and ‘Show All’

One Response to “Ask Us! Ridding ‘Enterprise Activation’”

  1. Michael
    March 11th, 2006 18:52

    THANK YOU! That icon has been pissing me off ever since I got the phone. The move icon feature is also very usefull.

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