RIM not just settling for email


When RIM was having their legal issues, the question was would the Blackberry survive in the United States. After the settlement the question was how can RIM get back on track and fend off the increasing competition from the likes of Microsoft and Nokia. Well it wasn’t too long that the critics got their answer.

After the settlement, RIM has come out firing with some major announcements. RIM released Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1 this week with the major improvements being push application features and enterprise instant messaging. The push functionality is huge because it allows enterprises to develop their own programs and use the Blackberry push technology to instantly notify of the employee of something important, ie whenever a sale goes through. GoogleTalk was finally released for the Blackberry devices. What’s special about GoogleTalk is that it is the first 3rd party instant messaging program that integrates with the BES to allow administration control. And the biggest announcement of them all was the purchase of Ascendent Systems, the makers of a very ingenious program that extends PBX (private branch exchange) functionality to the Blackberry.

Anyone can see where RIM is going, they are trying to take the Blackberry from just an email communication device to being the ultimate enterprise communication device. The name of the game for RIM is to not compete on building the best hardware because they will always be a step behind companies like Nokia and Motorola. They are sticking with their strength of being a company that knows enterprise communication and are building upon that very fact. Expanding and increasing communication for enterprises is crucial for RIM’s future success seeing how Microsoft and others are directly targetting push email market.