Corporate Phone Bills Now One Third Cellular


Spending by businesses on wireless telecommunications services accounted for nearly one-third the corporate bill for telecommunication services in 2005, says a new market research report from Insight Research. By the close of 2005, total US business spending on telecommunications services reached just over $132 billion, and by 2010 business spending is forecasted to grow to nearly $150 billion, according to the new research study.

Insight’s newly-released market analysis report, Telecom Services in Vertical Markets 2005-2010, reveals that four industries — wholesale trade; financial, insurance, and real estate; professional business services; and communications — accounted for 70 percent of corporate wireline telecommunications expenditures in 2005. The industries spending the most on wireless in 2005 included: healthcare, financial, insurance, and real estate, and transportation. The study analyzes 14 vertical industries categorized by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system, and focuses on corporate spending for wireline and wireless telecommunications services in each of the 14 industries.

“The mergers now reshaping the telecommunications industry signal an end to the price war in wired services, but revenue growth in wireline services is not forecasted to bounce back,” says Robert Rosenberg, President of Insight. “Wireline revenue growth will be constrained by the growth of wireless spending, though that increase is going to be uneven across the various business sectors,” Rosenberg concludes.