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Changing the time zone on your Blackberry

Change Time zones
If you’re going to be staying somewhere foreign for an extended period of time it may be a good idea to change the time zone on your Blackberry.

To change your time zone do the following:

1. From the Home screen, click Options.

2. From the Options screen, click Date/Time.

3. With the Time Zone field already selected, click the trackwheel and select ‘Change Option’.

4. Using the trackwheel, scroll through the list and select the desired time zone and save your changes.

One Response to “Changing the time zone on your Blackberry”

  1. Fred
    March 21st, 2006 21:49

    This Timezone feature would be nice if it didn’t make the unacceptable change to all appointments in the calendar. For example: I life in San Diego and my home time zone is PST (-8). Last week I travelled to Tulsa/OK which is CST (-6). So, arriving in Tulsa, I change the Time setting to CST, so that my BB 8700c would show the local time. Now I look at my calendar and noticed that all my appointments got also changed forward by 2 hrs. For example, before my trip I had my flight departure set as a 2:02pm appointment; after the time zone change from -8 to -6, this appoinment now shows up as 4:02pm, which could have made me miss my flight, if I hadn’t noticed this strange and unacceptable behaviour.
    This never happened with my Palm OS PDA.

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