RIM to Release 3G Blackberry?


In its London press conference this morning T-Mobile’s UK Managing Director Brian McBride confirmed that the phone network expects to be taking delivery of a 3G version of the BlackBerry sometime before the summer next year. This is the first ever mention of a 3G Blackberry and it could be the new consumer oriented Blackberry in development that was talked about last month.

In its current form, 3G is not much faster than EDGE and even slower than EVDO networks. The basic data rate available with 3G technology, 384 kilobits per second (Kbps), not that much higher than EDGE, which maxes out at just under 300kbps. But there’s a few things on the horizon for 3G which will improve the speed several folds including HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology which could bring the speed to 1.5Mbps or 3G-LTE which (Long Term Evolution) which could give bandwidths of up to a blazing 100Mbps.

Now to develop applications and services that will utilize the 100Mbps of bandwidth - HDTV on your Blackberry anyone?

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