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Winner of Weekend Contest ‘Was Palm’s strong Treo sales due to RIM?’

Congratulations to Michael, the winner of this Weekend Contest where we asked our readers whether or not the strong Treo sales from Palm in the 3rd Quarter were due to RIM’s legal issues or just strong market demand. Michael’s thoughts on the strong sales numbers were pretty much on par to the other respondents. That RIM left the door open for Palm and they didn’t let up at all, introducing the new 700w and going on a major marketing blitz.

For his troubles, Michael receives the new Ka-Glom game from Magmic. To learn more about Magmic, visit their website:

One Response to “Winner of Weekend Contest ‘Was Palm’s strong Treo sales due to RIM?’”

  1. Thought
    March 28th, 2006 00:02

    The irony is that BB is in very much the same place that Palm was when it ruled the PDA world: the one with the stable, simple to use device, taking on big bad Microsoft.

    Now the Palm treos are kind of like toys compared to the BB…the Treos crash, have less build quality, are more difficult to learn to use, etc.

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