Consumers Interested in Mobile Video Services


JupiterResearch has found that 41% of mobile phone users are interested in some form of video service on their mobile phone. According to a JupiterResearch report, the growing demand for video will generate US$501 million in revenues by 2010, up from US$62 million in 2005. Adoption of mobile video on phones has been somewhat low to date with only 2% of mobile phone users claiming a subscription. However, among mobile subscribers 17% were interested in watching “live” TV on their cell phones while 11% indicated interest in short video clips.

“This consumer interest bodes well for the mobile industry as vendors use different business models to try and tap into this consumer demand,” said Julie Ask, Research Director at JupiterResearch. “The challenge is not interest but rather finding the correct mix of premium content and price points that is lacking in today’s offerings,” added Ask.

“Longer term adoption will depend more on business models and content offerings than on the technology or devices,” stated David Schatsky, Senior Vice President of Research at JupiterResearch. “Our research shows that there’s strong consumer interest in consuming mobile video. Consumers are just not interested in paying large fees for mediocre content,” added Schatsky.