Unlock Hidden Blackberry Theme, Zen


Zen Blackberry Theme
Zen Blackberry Theme
Those sneaky guys at RIM decided to leave out one of the nicest themes there is available for the Blackberry 8700. The Zen theme, which is hidden by default is a fresh new concept which emphasizes the background instead of the icons or text menus. Instead of scrolling through icons like other themes, the theme places four icons on the right and a button which can be compared to the Windows Start button, which when you press it a menu list pops up with the rest of your applications.

There are a few bugs with the theme, which is probably why they didn’t include it in the first place. The major bugs are that you can’t select which programs are placed on the front and that the proper icons for 3rd party applications are not properly displayed. Regardless of the setbacks, this theme is a fresh prespective to the new Blackberry home interface and should be worth the download.

Just a word of caution, the Zen theme is not an easy download, it’s more of a hack so users should backup their device before attempting.

Follow the following instructions to download and install the Zen Blackberry theme.

1. You will need to download and install OS The best place would be to check if that version is available to download from your own carrier. If not, download the OS from Rogers here …

2. Install the program but do not yet launch the Desktop Manager.

3. Open up Blackberry.alx in the new folder:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8700-v4.1.0.284_P2.0.0.120

4. Search for the word ‘zen’ in Blackberry.alx. Then you should see the following line:


5. You will need to put your device Vendor ID of your device on that line, to find out your Vendor ID just hit Alt+Cap+H. After editing the file, just save and close.

6. Connect your Blackberry to your computer and open up Desktop Manager. As soon as you open Desktop Manager it should ask you to update and install the new OS. Just follow the wizard and 20-30 minutes later you should have the new theme installed on your device.

View more screenshots on the following page …

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