Buried with your Blackberry


And we thought we were hardcore, a new trend is developing which people are being asked to be buried with their PDA’s and mobile phones. The trend which began in South Africa, has now spread to a number of countries, including Ireland, Australia, Ghana, and the US.

Martin Raymond, director of international trend-spotting think-tank, The Future Laboratory said that this had started off “in the realm of the urban myth”, but was fast becoming fact.

It started in South Africa where some people’s belief in witchcraft meant they feared that “they could fall under a spell, be put to sleep and actually be buried. So they asked to be buried with their mobile phones.

This simple concept has triggered something else in areas which don’t believe in witchcraft, called Limelight funerals which plays on the notion that people are wanting to be buried like celebrities.

“We came across one guy who asked to be buried with his mobile phone and his Blackberry, and also with his laptop.”

The phone is put in the coffin along with diamonds, jewellery, expensive suits, and gold watches.