Heavy, Long-term Mobile Phone Use Danger To Health


A new Swedish study on the use of mobile telephones show 10 years of intense mobile phone use increases the risk for severe brain tumor. The study, performed by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life and the University of Oerebro, show those who started using a mobile phone before the age of 20 are most at risk.

The risk is greatest for those who have used their phone more than 2,000 hours during the 10 year period.

“One hour of calling a day during 200 working days over 10 years give 2,000 hours,” said Kjell Hansson Mild, a researcher at the National Institute for Working Life in a statement.

He said this report isn’t aimed at causing any alarm or warning of widespread risk for the population in general.

“It does however give reason to use caution when calling on wireless phones. Use handsfree and avoid wireless when possible,” Hansson Mild said.