Naomi Campbell Assaults Maid with Swarovski Blackberry

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Naomi Naomi Campbell is in court once again for assaulting one of her workers with her Blackberry according to the New York Daily News. Last time it was her personal assistance that got whacked, but this time it was one of her maids. According to the maid, Ana Scolavino, Naomi assaulted her with the Blackberry after she was falsely accused of stealing a $200 pair of jeans.

Naomi insists that she got hurt by falling down the stairs, an excuse that could be very plausible if it wasn’t for the fact that this is not her first time being accused of attacking someone with her Blackberry. Not just any Blackberry, sources told the newspaper that it was a Blackberry encrusted with Swarovski cyrstals - ouch!

Campbell was charged with assault and could face up to seven years in prison if convicted. During a brief court appearance last night, a judge denied the prosecution’s request for $3,500 bail.

  • Swarovski
    Simple and nice ;) Added you to my RSS feed. I searched for "swarovski" and I found your post "ampbell Assaults Maid with Swarovski Blackberry | BlackBerry Cool".
  • jibril
    wtf!? people need to get a life! this is the most crazy thing i 've heard!
  • jojitsu
    This girl is an idiot. She needs anger management.
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