New Advanced Blackberry Calculator

Brad Goodman has just released a free advance calculator program for the Blackberry called BKGcalc. Although lacking in the visual appeal department the program is extremely useful. Features include, conversion calculator, hex calculator, “tape-roll” adding machine, scientific calculator, engineering calcuator, triginometric calculator, and much more.

To download, visit:

5 Responses to “New Advanced Blackberry Calculator”

  1. 1 Bill

    It’s not free. It’s $3.95…

  2. 2 Chris Golding

    I just wanted an easy to use ‘tape roll’calculator for my 7100g. This program is ideal and the other features are a super bonus. Gosh what else for $3.95.

  3. 3 Matt

    Ok. So it’s not free, but for the cost of a grande chai tea latte it’s close enough. It’s an easy to use tape roll + the conversion engine is pretty comprehensive.

  4. 4 an

    Does the program work with Blackberry 8320?

  5. 5 FartMan

    As the other post says…
    IT’S NOT FREE, so don’t waste your time.

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