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Gartner: Microsoft Not a Threat (yet)


Despite the recent launch of Microsoft’s push email software, many analysts believe that predictions of it threatening the dominance of RIM’s BlackBerry device are being over-exaggerated.

“The press seems to be giving Microsoft the benefit of the doubt that their release 1.0 of wireless email software will be competitive with the Blackberry in terms of security, manageability, and battery life,” commented Gartner analyst Todd Kort. “But I have strong doubts about this.”

Kort predicts that Microsoft’s email solution, which allows Windows Mobile smartphones to function as direct push email devices, won’t truly take off until the software giant addresses a number of problems.

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Consumers Interested in Mobile Video Services


JupiterResearch has found that 41% of mobile phone users are interested in some form of video service on their mobile phone. According to a JupiterResearch report, the growing demand for video will generate US$501 million in revenues by 2010, up from US$62 million in 2005. Adoption of mobile video on phones has been somewhat low to date with only 2% of mobile phone users claiming a subscription. However, among mobile subscribers 17% were interested in watching “live” TV on their cell phones while 11% indicated interest in short video clips.

“This consumer interest bodes well for the mobile industry as vendors use different business models to try and tap into this consumer demand,” said Julie Ask, Research Director at JupiterResearch. “The challenge is not interest but rather finding the correct mix of premium content and price points that is lacking in today’s offerings,” added Ask.

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Chance to Win a Blackberry from Cincom


Cincom a free, award-winning biweekly e-publication with approximately 135,000 subscribers in 49 countries are offering the chance to win a Blackberry for filling out their survey. The survey is short and simple, they only ask you the following question:

“What single technology has had the most profound affect on your work during your lifetime?”

Fill out the survey here …

Challenge: Post your uptime


Blackberry Uptime
Just like Linux geeks who brag about uptime, you can also brag about uptime when it comes to your Blackberry. But there’s no need to worry about being less of a person if you have a lower uptime on your Blackberry than your coworkers.

To view your uptime, just press Alt+Cap+H, which will bring up the information screen.

As you can see from the above picture, the uptime totals 1,646,948 seconds which equals to 19 days! Try that on your Treo or Smartphone.

RIM Blackberry 8700c – Make $0.01

Comment Blackberry dealIf you have been contemplating upgrading your Blackberry, then you should consider this deal from are offering the Blackberry 8700c on Cingular for get this, -$0.01 after rebates, which means you actually make a penny out of the deal. And it doesn’t stop there, you will also a receive a free Motorola Bluetooth headset in the deal.

The only hitch is that the rebate is only valid for new activations and does not mention what length of contract if any is required to receive the rebate.

Click here to view the deal …

Ask RIM Your Questions


Our friends over at Mobile Computing Authority have secured an interview with David Heit, Senior Product Manager at RIM for their next show on April 2nd 2006. While they have their own questions to ask David, they would love to get some listener participation. If you have questions for RIM, send them to and they will try to ask David on the next show.

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