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Cingular Launches Nokia 9300 with Blackberry Connect


Nokia 9300
Cingular has officially launched the Nokia 9300 Communicator for direct consumer sales. The carrier has been selling the phone to its business customers since November. The 9300 is one of Nokia’s Series-80 devices and has an extensive feature set. Highlights include:

* EDGE high-speed data
* QWERTY keybaord
* 80MB memory
* 640×200 screen, 65K colors
* Bluetooth
* Symbian 0S 7
* Blackbery Connect

Cingular is selling the Nokia 9300 for $299.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. A 2-year contract is required.

Maxis and RIM Launch the BlackBerry 8700g in Malaysia


Maxis Communications Berhad and Research In Motion announced the BlackBerry 8700g for customers in Malaysia.

“We are very excited to work with RIM to launch the new BlackBerry 8700g. As Maxis is the only mobile operator in Malaysia offering BlackBerry solutions on EDGE technology, our customers are assured of speedier connectivity, greater mobility and convenience,” said Fitri Abdullah, Maxis Senior General Manager and Head of Enterprise Business Division. “With over 1,500 base stations powering EDGE technology that provides up to three times the data speed of GPRS and a nationwide GPRS network, our customers are seamlessly connected wherever they go.”

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EU: Mobile Operators Not Getting Message Over Roaming


European Union telecommunications commissioner Viviane Reding Tuesday accused mobile phone operators of not getting her “message” that roaming charges are too high.

At a press conference announcing long-awaited proposals to force wireless operators to cut the fees customers pay while traveling abroad, Reding said she had “repeatedly warned” operators to cut the charges. But operators hadn’t moved to reduce their prices.

“Mobile operators seem to have some difficulty in understanding my message,” she said.

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Winner of Weekend Contest ‘Was Palm’s strong Treo sales due to RIM?’


Congratulations to Michael, the winner of this Weekend Contest where we asked our readers whether or not the strong Treo sales from Palm in the 3rd Quarter were due to RIM’s legal issues or just strong market demand. Michael’s thoughts on the strong sales numbers were pretty much on par to the other respondents. That RIM left the door open for Palm and they didn’t let up at all, introducing the new 700w and going on a major marketing blitz.

For his troubles, Michael receives the new Ka-Glom game from Magmic. To learn more about Magmic, visit their website:

3G Blackberry Device Revealed


Blackberry 8707v
Just a few days after we posted about T-Mobile’s UK Managing Director Brian McBride stating that he expects to receive shipments of 3G Blackberry devices in the summer, this piece of news comes out. It seems that Vodafone UK will be the first carrier to offer the 3G Blackberry, dubbed Blackberry 8707v.

The reported specifications on the device is nothing revolutionary, it basically still has the same guts as the regular 8700 devices; Intel 312Mhz CPU, Bluetooth 2.0, and 64 megs of flash memory.

The new Blackberry device is expected to hit stores in April.

Specs are below:

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Motorola Set to Release Motorola Q Next Week


Motorola Q Blackberry 8700
Motorola’s “Q” another Blackberry competitor is finally nearing its launch date. The phone was announced in Q3 of 2005, but has been MIA ever since. The latest reports peg its release for April of this year for Verizon networks.

The Motorola Q is based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 platform, has a 2.4″ color screen, Bluetooth, built-in 1.3 megapixel digital camera, audio (iMelody, MIDI, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, WAX, QCELP) and video (H.263, MPEG-4, GSM-AMR, AAC, WMV) playback and features a QWERTY keyboard with thumbwheel.

There’s no denying this is a beautiful piece of hardware, it even includes a thumbwheel which is the first competing Blackberry device to do so, which we’re not too sure how Motorola overcame the patents for that. Expect more of these types of announcements as companies aim to dethrown RIM’s dominance of the wireless email market.