Unlock Hidden Blackberry Theme, Zen

Zen Blackberry Theme
Zen Blackberry Theme
Those sneaky guys at RIM decided to leave out one of the nicest themes there is available for the Blackberry 8700. The Zen theme, which is hidden by default is a fresh new concept which emphasizes the background instead of the icons or text menus. Instead of scrolling through icons like other themes, the theme places four icons on the right and a button which can be compared to the Windows Start button, which when you press it a menu list pops up with the rest of your applications.

There are a few bugs with the theme, which is probably why they didn’t include it in the first place. The major bugs are that you can’t select which programs are placed on the front and that the proper icons for 3rd party applications are not properly displayed. Regardless of the setbacks, this theme is a fresh prespective to the new Blackberry home interface and should be worth the download.

Just a word of caution, the Zen theme is not an easy download, it’s more of a hack so users should backup their device before attempting.

Follow the following instructions to download and install the Zen Blackberry theme.

1. You will need to download and install OS The best place would be to check if that version is available to download from your own carrier. If not, download the OS from Rogers here …

2. Install the program but do not yet launch the Desktop Manager.

3. Open up Blackberry.alx in the new folder:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8700-v4.1.0.284_P2.0.0.120

4. Search for the word ‘zen’ in Blackberry.alx. Then you should see the following line:


5. You will need to put your device Vendor ID of your device on that line, to find out your Vendor ID just hit Alt+Cap+H. After editing the file, just save and close.

6. Connect your Blackberry to your computer and open up Desktop Manager. As soon as you open Desktop Manager it should ask you to update and install the new OS. Just follow the wizard and 20-30 minutes later you should have the new theme installed on your device.

View more screenshots on the following page …

22 Responses to “Unlock Hidden Blackberry Theme, Zen”

  1. 1 Malte

    Wrong, you CAN choose which progams should be displayed on the front. Go to options and start page, rearrange applications.

  2. 2 George

    Malte, I don’t see that option. Did you download the Rogers OS 4.1.0?

  3. 3 Malte

    I downloaded the German T-Mobile version 4.1.0. In this version you don´t even have to unlock the theme. It is supported. The version multilanguage:




    I switched by BB to english (translated only in my first post). Go to options, home screen, organize applications.

  4. 4 Bert

    I just got my 8700g last week and this theme is included. I have version I didn’t have tot install or unlock anything.

  5. 5 kiki

    help!! i did everything and the zen theme is working…but i have 8700r with rogers. i lost my web browser and cant send out mms anymore. how can i bring them back

  6. 6 Eddie Castro

    Blackberry desktop manager does not recognize any new software when running application loader. What should I do?

  7. 7 huige

    I want zen -ALX.

    where can I downloads?


  8. 8 Evans

    How do you move the icons up and down?

  9. 9 Jeff

    Got it to work - thanks. I have tmobile and I just modified the blackberry ALX as you said.

    One problem that I had was that I completely lost my installed application - Magmic Texas Holdem 2. It’s not that the icon was gone in this theme, the whole app was gone. Reinstall of that app fixed the problem and now I have zen and poker!

  10. 10 BBinneed

    Can anyone help me with the unlock code for BB 7100g. I would really appriciate it.

  11. 11 Marco

    where do i open blackberry.axl from so that i can try to download the zen theme do i do it in my labtop or on the blackberry i don’t really understand what you mean by opening that file

    can anyone please help

  12. 12 Bill

    Problem with the Zen theme is it does not display a voicemail ICON on the home screen.

  13. 13 FL_Flyboy21

    I downloaded this theme OTA for my Nextel BB 7100i from http://www.blackberryforums.com/ringtones-themes-wallpaper-discussion/31049-zen-theme-7100-handhelds-download-here.html . Looks Great!!!!

  14. 14 NS

    How do I get the voice mail icon (envelope) to appear if I have messages? I have tmobile and can’t seem to figure it out.

  15. 15 Luis Pavon


  16. 16 Kirk

    So Malte was correct. All you have to do is rearrange (move)the application in the screen where all the applications are shown. Your first 5 applications will be the ones that show up on the Zen screen.

  17. 17 x9baddboy

    How do I unlock hidden theme’zen 4 pearl 8100

  18. 18 andrew

    its easy got to themes in your options, select zen and you are done. to choose what icons are on your home screen you just click on on the bb and then arange icons in your menu , the first 5 will apear on the homepage when you are not in menu. and with regards to the other question, if your browser stoped, try restarting your phone, then call your service provider cause the blackberry menu represents what you subscribe to, so your sp actualy controls whats on that menu

  19. 19 Michael

    My Blackberry does not recognize my passcode. It is actually revealing it when I typed it in, then it comes up with the message “incorrect password”. For example let us say my passcode is 1234 — when I am prompted for password and I entered 1234 — it shows 1234 instead of the ****.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?



  20. 20 Lawrence

    I have a Blackberyy7100g from suncom to which i also have my service through but it will not work. How can i unlock this phone HELP!!!

  21. 21 Alan

    I did all the steps and when i loaded it to my blackberry it restarted it and now it only shows the time icon and doesnt power on? HELP? Its been a day.

  22. 22 Alan G

    hi,my name is alex,do you know sally from UK?

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