Ask Us! Missing Blackberry Browser


Missing Blackberry Browser
Kate asked us,

I upgraded my Blackberry OS after following the instructions to install the Zen theme. The theme is neat but after awhile I found out I was missing my browser. Thinking it was something to do with the theme, I switched back to my old theme and my browser is still missing! Any ideas?

This is actually a common occurrence when upgrading the operating system on the Blackberry handheld. It is an easy fix for the most part, just do the following:

1. Options –> Advanced Options –> Host Routing Tables.

2. In this screen you may see several entries, ignore the others and highlight the bold entry.

3. Wheel-click and select ‘Register Now’.

4. Close the screen and go back to the Home Screen. Give about 30 seconds for your browser to reappear.

  • Rohanautoatwork

    hey man hi anybody can help me with same problem unable to find my browser bought it from verizon and now i m in germany so now they say i have been already registered under verizon need to deregister my phone is there an online way 

  • Esteflakitoxd

    in my host Routing table . it doesnt show nothing .. how can i fix this problem?

  • Fina

    it really works, thank you!

  • Jude

    My browser bar has disappeared. I have a blackberry 9300.

  • Patience

    Hey ! I have the same problem with my Blackberry 7290 that came from Vodafone .. tried everything in this page but still my browser is not showing up … i registered the highlighted HRT … re send all the service book from vodafone , rebooted the device, checked my them , wiped out my phone and did all the steps again but still to no avail .. if someone is reading this comment given the fact that the last post was 3 years ago … please I really need your help . Thanks !