Hyatt introduces Massage for Blackberry Thumb Sufferers


Hyatt is introducing a massage directly for people that are suffering the dreaded “Blackberry thumb”, although we still have yet to come by a person that suffers from it. The term is coined for soreness in the thumb due to overuse of emailing and texting on cellular devices.

For $80, guests at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, 125 miles east of Los Angeles, can receive their BlackBerry Balm Hand Massage. And if you are really good, you can expense it to the corporate account, claiming it is workplace injury.

“First, hands are warmed up with soothing rocks and an aroma hot towel,” said the hotel in a news release. “Next, kneading and compressions loosen muscles and warm oil is applied with firm strokes. The therapist then kneads and stretches deltoids, biceps, triceps, flexors and extensors, and uses an acupressure massage technique on hands and arms. The 30-minute treatment culminates with an aroma hot towel cleanse on each hand.”