Balsillie, Subscription Rate to “Turbo-charge” After Summer


BalsillieOn yesterday’s conference call, co-CEO Jim Balsillie acknowledged that the company lost momentum in recent months amid worries that its wireless email service would be shut down in the U.S. Subscriber additions, which bottomed at 40,000 in the week before RIM struck a $612.5 million legal settlement with patent holding company NTP, and has picked up to over 60,000 last week the company said.

Balsillie continues to say that RIM’s business is healthy and some of the blame of the low subscription number can be blamed to carrier delays of launching new devices due to the legal issues.

“At the end of the day, the business is healthy and strong, no question, right now. But the truth of it is we’ve got a tremendous set of factors ready to absolutely turbo-charge after the summer,” Balsillie, referring to new products, services, and push into new markets.

“My message is the business is fine and, ooh boy, the autumn of 2006 is going to be special.”