Consilient Launches New Online BlackBerry Training Course


Consilient, today launched a new self-directed BlackBerry Training course, a web-based training course that allows BlackBerry device users to train at their own pace.

The 56-minute online course gives hands-on training and is designed to show end users how to use their BlackBerry more effectively. Consilient’s Self-directed BlackBerry Training course is organized into short sections and is an ideal way for busy executives and BlackBerry beginners to learn shortcuts in order to optimize the use of their handheld and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

With a new “Smart Resume” feature, end users can complete part of the course, close it, and then resume playback right where they left off just by opening the presentation. Audio narration and video demonstrations make the course interactive and a table of contents makes it easy to navigate.

“The majority of people using BlackBerry are not using their device to its maximum potential and don’t have time to schedule lengthy training sessions,” said Judith Hearn, Director of Customer Services. “Consilient’s online course is great because you can sign in from anywhere at anytime and learn all the BlackBerry tips and tricks,” added Hearn.

Consilient’s Self Directed BlackBerry Training course features email support, enabling participants to have access to Consilient’s BlackBerry experts.

In addition to Self Directed BlackBerry Training, Consilient offers courses for system administrators and carriers. Consilient’s training team delivers courses on site at a customer’s location or by web conference. Group discounts are available.

Courses include:

· BlackBerry Training – Self Directed & Instructor Led
· BlackBerry for Executives
· BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Administrators
· Installation and Administration of BlackBerry Enterprise Server

· Carrier Customer BlackBerry Training