Balsillie, We’ll Maintain our Leadership


BalsillieRIM will maintain its market dominance despite tough competition, its co-CEO said on Monday.

“Whenever there’s a change in the (growth) rate, there’s often over-extrapolation,” co-chief executive Jim Balsillie told Reuters in an interview.

“The nature of our world is that we’ve always grown and we’ve always grown a lot. But you get this sort of surge, crest a bit, reload, surge.

Despite increasingly aggressive rivals, such as Palm Inc and Microsoft, RIM sees itself remaining top dog. “We’ll maintain our leadership,” Balsillie said.

“We think we’re in a good spot and we’re going to stay in a good spot because one: we’ve built a good position structurally, and number two we’re going to support that… Number three, we’re going to keep going at full, full speed.”

Balsillie also said RIM was looking at “a couple” of acquisitions and the company could pick up the pace of such deals as markets for professional consumers and everyday users expands.

He added these would not be “blockbuster” deals, but would be “technology tuck unders.”