US Mobile Subscriber Growth Breaks Record


The USA’s Wireless Association has announced that 25.7 million new wireless subscribers were added in calendar year 2005, breaking a previous 12-month growth record that was set in June. The total number of estimated wireless customers in America at year-end 2005 was 207.9 million. This is 14.17% increase over 2004, when 182.1 million subscribers were reported at year-end.

“Each year, more and more consumers are experiencing the incredible benefits that only wireless can offer,” said CTIA – The Wireless Association� President and CEO Steve Largent. “The mobile communications revolution is in full swing, and now nearly 70% of America is taking part in it. Only wireless allows consumers to communicate and connect while on the move, and it is that ability to conduct your work and play from wherever you are that is so appealing to Americans of all walks of life,” continued Largent.

According to the survey, revenues from wireless data services jumped more than 86% in the past year. Revenue from wireless data services amounted to more than $8.58 billion in 2005, up from $4.60 billion in 2004. On the SMS/Text Messaging front, the survey reported a total of 48.7 billion messages being sent during the sixth-month period ending December 2005. This is a 97% increase from the last sixth months of 2004, when 24.7 billion messages were sent.

The survey also revealed nearly 1.5 trillion wireless minutes consumed in 2005, an increase of nearly 36% over 2004 when 1.1 trillion minutes were used.