SunCom Adds BlackBerry 8700g


SunCom Wireless and Research In Motion today announced the availability of the BlackBerry 8700g Wireless Handheld at all SunCom Wireless stores.

“We are thrilled to supply the latest in communications technology to our customers,” said Emilio Echave, senior vice president of operations for SunCom Wireless. “RIM continues to innovate in the way that people use wireless services, and SunCom is proud to offer this device among our diverse product portfolio. We’re confident that this will be a popular choice in our line-up as we expand our Business Solutions offerings and connect our customers to the largest GSM network in the country.”

“The BlackBerry 8700g is a major innovation in device technology that dramatically enhances the mobile experience and provides a great choice for people that want premium phone features together with a full QWERTY keyboard and all the benefits of BlackBerry on SunCom’s EDGE network,” said Mark Guibert, vice president of corporate marketing at RIM. “SunCom is an experienced BlackBerry provider, and we are pleased to jointly introduce the BlackBerry 8700g to SunCom customers.”

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