Shane from Survivor, A True Blackberry Addict

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Shane Wood Blackberry
If you only had to choose one thing to bring to a tropical island, in most cases it wouldn’t be our Blackberrys, but tell that to Shane a marketing executive out of Los Angeles. Shane is a contestant on this season’s reality show Survivor: Exile Island, which in last night’s promos for episode 11 seems to be losing it a bit. Being a true Blackberry addict, Shane finds a piece of wood that resembles a Blackberry and starts typing and scrolling away on it like it’s the real thing. His reasoning is that he’s “communicating” with people to help him strategize.

You can’t buy this type of advertisement and we’re sure RIM’s marketing folks are laughing it up. But what does it mean for us Blackberry users, non-users already think we’re a little crazy constantly typing away on these little devices and this sort of exposure isn’t going to help.

  • hannah
    im seriously sad to see that shanes out of i , hes so damn funny!! and it make it even funnier because hes acting! thats not actaully him , like wen he is away from everyone else he tells the camera about his acting strategy to make everyone think hes losing it and make them thinks hes no threat... you gotta love this guy he so freking funny!
  • Trevor Kennedy
    This guy is nuts. He is crazy!
  • Xarrin
    I now love Shane even more.
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