Self Directed Training by Consilient Reviewed …


Consilient Training
You just got promoted at work and your employer now thinks you’re important enough for a Blackberry. The only problem is that you have no idea how to work it. The story is familiar and we’ve all been there before. Although the Blackberry is a very user-friendly device it can still be daunting to non-techie folks, especially when you see your co-workers thumbs typing and scrolling away like pistons. A new service from Consilient can help folks in this sort of jam. Already experts in corporate Blackberry training, they have bundled their training into a web-based self directed training course. We had a chance to take it and our thoughts are as follow …

When you signup to the training course you will be given a username and password to log into their online training site and a manual that you can print out and follow along. We first tried in Firefox but the website didn’t agree with us so we had to settle with Internet Explorer. After logging in, you will see three frames, one with a video/audio feed, the other with a slide, and a menu which allows you to easily navigate through the course. The audio narration by our trainer Jason was a pleasant surprise and is a welcome featured for those who are audio learners.

The training is just short of an hour at 56 minutes and is divided into short sections so you can always stop and start anytime if you find the hour long training too long. The training starts off very basic and assumes that you pretty much know nothing about a Blackberry and have never seen one before. The introduction goes through what the keys are, how to use the track wheel and escape button, and even on how to charge the device.

After the introduction, there are 10 core lessons which include such things like the Home Screen, information about each application, email, phone, and more. No surprise Email is the most extensive lesson which is a smart on Consilient’s part. Although the other sections are meant for novice users, intermediate users can even take something away from the email lesson like filing, folders, and reconciling emails.

What we found lacking in the Consilient training is a pop quiz at the end of the lesson which would help in reinforcing the training material. Other than that, the Consilient training is well worth it for the novice Blackberry user but intermediate users may want to find something else.

Consilient’s Self-Directed training will set you back $75 and you can find more information here: