RIM To Launch Blackberry Service in Japan by end of year?

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According to an article in the National Post, RIM may be launching the BlackBerry in Japan at the end of this year. Robert Dennison of UBS Securities said “We originally expected a Japan launch in 2007 but now believe pilots may start this calendar year with a commercial launch in the fourth quarter.” Mr. Dennison said the Japanese BlackBerry will look like the 8700 high-speed device introduced in North America earlier this year.

RIM declined to comment. The tech company wants to sell wireless e-mail service through another 100 carriers this year. RIM has already been eyeing the far east, with supposed a launch of Blackberry service in China sometime this year.

  • Budi Irawan
    Dear sir / Madam,

    Please be advice to me, is the blackberry bold 9000 in the Japan market can be used outside the Japan countries ? fourinstance using in Indonesia

    thank you
  • pm
    The way RIM shares have been trading they might want to consider renaming the company "Research In Slow Motion"......
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