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Another Cellphone Health Issue Report


The effect of electromagnetic fields from digital mobile phones (DMP) on brain functioning is an area receiving increased attention. A study conducted by researchers at Swinburne’s Brain Sciences Institute (BSI) in Australia compared the performance of 120 volunteers on 8 neuropsychological tests during real and sham exposure to mobile phone emissions equivalent to a 30 minute phonecall.

Results showed that participants’ “simple” and “choice reaction times” showed strong evidence of impairment. However, performance on the “trail making task” improved, supporting the hypothesis that DMP radiofrequency emissions improve the speed of processing of information held in the brain’s working memory.

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Sona Mobile To Release First Multimedia Software Application for Blackberry


Sona Mobile a provider of wireless software to the financial services, enterprise, entertainment and gaming markets, announced today that it is launching the first-ever BlackBerry Media Player, a software application designed exclusively to offer multimedia applications on the latest generation of RIM devices. It is designed for near TV quality playback of synchronized video and audio files. This application will be showcased at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium May 16-18, 2006 in Orlando, Florida, in conjunction with Sona’s first client, CanWest Global.

“We are thrilled to be first to market with a media player for Blackberry devices. For the very first time, Blackberry users can receive either BerryCast (PodCasts wirelessly updated) or streaming video on their mobile devices,” said John Bush, CEO and President of Sona Mobile. “And being able to announce CanWest MediaWorks as our first customer who will supply news content daily for a Sona Mobile BerryCast, lets RIM customers take advantage of a download-and-play method of delivering multimedia files to Blackberry devices. We believe that this application will be well-received in the marketplace.”

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Canalys: RIM Second in SmartPhone Market


Canalys Q12006
Canalys has released its latest set of figures for the global smart mobile device in Q1 2006 and RIM has taken over second position with an 84.7% increase in shipments. This also marks the first time RIM overtakes Palm globally and in the US market. In total global shipments of smart mobile devices are up 55% while traditional handheld PDAs are down 25%.

Nokia still easily leads the pack with global market share of 51.6%. The popularity of Nokia handsets has helped Symbian pull further away from Microsoft in the mobile OS wars with a share of 69% compared to Microsoft’s 12%.

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Blackberry Desctruction


Blackberry Destruction

RIM Makes “Most Innovative Company” List


BusinessWeek has released their Innovative Most Company list and RIM made a debut at number 24. Other notable companies were Google, Nokia, Wal-mart, but none of them according to the editors at BusinessWeek could top Apple. RIM made the list because its services are changing the way business world communicates and that it has brought mobile email to the masses in a nice and user-friendly bundle.

BusinessWeek joined with The Boston Consulting Group to produce their second annual ranking of the 25 most innovative companies. More than 1,000 senior managers responded to the global survey, making it the deepest management survey to date on this issue.

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PocketMac Now Supporting Intel Macs


PocketMac for Blackberry is a desktop application that enables Mac users to synchronize data between their BlackBerry devices and Mac computer has now been updated to support the Intel core. Supported applications include email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes of Microsoft Entourage, OS X’s Address Book and iCal, Now Contact and Now Up-to-Date, DayLite, and Stickies.

Early this year RIM bought out the developers of PocketMac so the program is now available for free.

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