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Bell Canada Expands EV-DO Coverage


Bell Canada says that it has launched new EV-DO networks in Ottawa, Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville, along with a new roaming agreement with Aliant for EV-DO service in Halifax. Bell Mobility currently also offers its customers high-speed wireless EV-DO data network access in Vancouver, Whistler, Calgary, Edmonton, Brandon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Quebec City, Mont- Tremblant and Montreal making Bell Canada the only carrier in Canada offering the fastest high-speed mobile wireless service in all regions of Canada.

“Canada is a country on the move – and Bell Canada has optimized high-speed wireless no matter what major city you do business in or travel to,” said Jim Jaques, Senior Vice President Business Marketing and Sales, Bell Mobility. “Bell Canada is delivering what our customers from coast-to-coast want – the freedom of true mobility.”

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BlackBerry Gains Security Approval for Use With UK Government Restricted Data


Research In Motion and Government security experts, CESG, today announced that RIM has gained approval for Government employees to use BlackBerry devices to handle “Restricted” data. CESG is the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance and provides guidance to public and private bodies involved in secure data transmission.

Following the first phase of the evaluation, CESG released guidance that allows government customers to start deploying BlackBerry devices to their mobile staff. The guidance covers email, attachment viewing and access to application data through the BlackBerry Mobile Data System.

“The BlackBerry solution provides a security architecture that is trusted by corporations and governments around the world to enhance their operations, productivity and responsiveness,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at RIM. “The CESG approval further demonstrates that RIM meets the stringent security requirements for government use in the UK.”

Lazaridis Wants Canada to Get Serious About Science & Technology


Mikey CEO of RIMMichael Lazaridis, president and co-chief executive officer of Research In Motion Ltd. is pushing the federal government to chip in $100-million to help fund a scientific institute in Waterloo, Ont., a facility that is widely viewed as one of the pillars of that region’s technology sector.

Mr. Lazaridis, who donated a reported $100-million of his own money to the institute two years ago, said Canada missed its opportunity a few decades ago to be a key player in the “Silicon Valley revolution” and he wants to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“The issue is, who do we want to be in the future? he said in an interview.

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Blackberry Bad for the Eyes


In a CNBC poll, the show Kudlow & Company wants to know whether the small type on the Blackberry is bad for your vision. Headaches, burning sensations and temporarily blurred vision which are known symptons of sitting infront of a computer too long are also showing up with Blackberry users. From now on we’re going to coin these symptons as “Blackberry eye”, along with the other hazard of “Blackberry thumb” maybe we can all lobby our employers to pay us danger pay.

In all seriousness, the majority do agree that Blackberry usage is bad for the eyes, early results show close to 60% of users believe that the Blackberry is bad for the vision.

One tip we can offer is to increase the font size so text is easier to read. You can do that by going to Options –> Screen/Keyboard.

Wikis Go Mobile with Miki


Socialtext, which makes social software for businesses, on Wednesday rolled out a collaborative web site or wiki program for mobile applications, in a move aimed at extending wikis to cell phones and other mobile devices to further their adoption. Wikis, which are sites where users can contribute and edit content, are increasingly being used in businesses that work collaboratively, cutting email traffic as well as time spent in meetings, said Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext.

Miki, as the mobile wiki platform is called, will be unveiled simultaneously at LinuxWorld in Boston as well as Software 2006 in Santa Clara, California, Mr. Mayfield said.

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Sprint Launches Text to Landline Service


Sprint Nextel announced Text to Landline, a clever service that allows Sprint customers to SMS any landline phone in the US. The text message is converted into a voice message which gets played back for the reciepient. At that point they can reply with a preset text message or record a voice message.

Text to Landline automatically kicks in if the number an SMS is going to is not a mobile phone. Standard text message rates apply. We think the concept is neat but are people actually going to use this service and will the computer actually dictate properly all the shortform words one tends to use in an SMS message?